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The “Lesotho Promise” Rough - 603 carats

Diamonds are expensive and may well be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Buying a diamond requires a strategy just like any other major purchase. Before you ever start shopping for diamonds, develop a strategy. buying diamonds & gemstones.

Engagement Diamonds? Guys, pay attention! You only have one chance to get the right engagement diamond .. well, actually, one chance per marriage. But lets pretend your marriage will last forever. This section is just for men. Straight talk about buying your fiancee's engagement diamond

Fancy Color Diamonds If you think white diamonds are expensive take a walk on the wild side. Fancy color raises prices by orders of magnitude. Before you start looking for fancy colored diamonds, ask yourself how man extra "0's" can you afford? - fancy colored diamonds


a burmese mogok ruby, colombian emerald, blue sapphire, black pearl, and white diamond

Colored gems vary in hue and tone. We all know that. But wearability may be even more important. Where gemstones are concerned, wearability usually equals durability.

If you have an emerald that seems to be fading, take heart. It may just be a bit of extra heat. A competent jeweler can liven up your emeralds. Actually, if you do a little research, you can do your own .. changing the oil in your emerald

Do you know the best overtone/undertone for pearls? If you think the best pearls show pink overtone/undertone, think again. Here are a few tips on pearls ... the best pearls are not pink!

Synthetics, lab created, cultured, call them what you will -- unless they are cultured in and by nature -- or grown naturally they -- don't meet the classic definition of a gemstone


diamond ring, ruby ring, blue sapphire ring, emerald ring

Settings are much more than just a pretty face! Consider the functions of a setting for gemstones or diamonds. When you look for gold jewelry, what karat works for you? Is there a golden rule for 18k or does 9K fit the type of wear?

Color vs polish for gold jewelry.


In colored gems, look for brilliance. Those points of light can tell you more than you may realize! Learn what else brilliance means.

The effect a gemstone has on light is what makes it magical. Have a look at the physics of light behavior in precious gems.

Try out our gem tool & gemstone weight calculator. We think you will like them.

Recommended Reading

Photo Masters for Diamond Grading - by Gary A. Roskin - Gemworld International - ISBN 0-9641733-0-1. An excellent way to see what makes up a diamond grade.

Ruby and Sapphire - by Richard Hughes - RWH Publishing - ISBN 0-9645097-6-8. Probably the finest book available on corundum. Extraordinary photographs.