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Please allow me to apologize -- well, sort of -- to those who find my writing style irreverent. If you find that the literary devices I employ produce inaccuracies, please accept my apologies. To those of the pedantic persuasion -- let me just say this.

We seem to be living in a world where a large number of lunatics have set out to create terror, death and destruction for the sake of their demented thinking.

Then there are those who would feign calm dignity while stealing the money you have worked so hard to save. Be wary of both.

Gem Questions:
Generally Speaking, I will not answer questions related to a specific gemstone.

  • If the answer is already on this web site, your time is no more valuable than mine -- please have a look
  • If the answer is NOT on this site, I probably don't know the answer anyhow
  • I can't see the gemstone you are talking about. Cell phone photos tell very little about a gemstone.

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Details & Background

I developed an interest in gems many years ago but my real business kept me from pursuing my avocation. For several years I studied gemology on my own. I also attended one of the best programs per dollar cost in the US. I am a proud graduate or Rancho Santiago Community College in Orange, California and their Gemology program.

After numerous trips to Thailand from '89 to '96 I settled "permanently" and have been here since. I attended the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences in Bangkok for their course on Colored Stone Grading and Appraisal.

I lived for may years in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai and I have made numerous trips to the rough stone market in Maesai.

On occasion, I have visited the market in Chantaburi. But I prefer buying from small dealers along the Thai/Myanmar border. Sometimes I visit the Hong Kong Jewelry Show.

I tried being a small dealer with no brick and mortar location. I didn't sell in Thailand, but accumulated material for my trips to the US. The colored gem market is fraught with uncertainty, partially fueled by treatments and nondisclosure and partly" the sky is falling" syndrome. Old age and a touch of laziness have taken me out of the trade.

Everyone is looking for untreated corundum. Folks, there ain' t hardly any. Heat treatment has been common for a couple of centuries -- and heat treating techniques get ever more sophisticated. Many "untreated" rubies are simply expensive lies. If you want untreated red gems, buy Burmese red spinel.

Asia - Gems .com

I designed and coded this web site. I made many of the graphics used on the technical pages.

Some of the newer content on the site was written by a 3rd party as a way of providing an additional perspective, especially on jewelry.

I did get some excellent JavaScript's from several sources. They are acknowledged on my Links page.

Due to threats & abuse, certain personal information has been removed.