Gemology - Study of Gemstones

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The study of gemology can vary from tedium to astounding revelation. But mostly it's boring, especially at first. It's boring, partly because you don't have a clue about what you're reading.

Then a glimmer of understanding reaches out and grabs you and you actually begin to understand refraction or dispersion.

Be careful! When that knowledge grabs, you may be hooked. Next will come the desire for refractometers and microscopes and begging anyone for gems to study.

We hope you find some enthusiasm here among these pages that tend to get dry and tedious at times. Studying and understanding how and why gems manipulate light as they do requires a technical approach.

If you start to develop a more keen interest in gemology, start studying minerals. After all, gems are merely optically appealing specimens of minerals that have mundane uses in their common form.

Garnet is a perfect example. It was once used as the abrasive material on sandpaper.

If you want a more formal approach to gemology, several community colleges have excellent programs.

Find and join your local gem faceter's club. A good cutter has to know quite a lot about gemsstones. And you may get hooked on gem cutting as well!