Jewelry & Gemstone Buying Strategy

Buying Strategy
  • Before making a poor buying decision, you need to develop an overall strategy for buying jewelry.
  • Buying colored gemstone jewelery presents an additional set of challenges.
  • Then you need to factor in the approach for buying diamond.

Strategy for Buying Diamonds

  • Budget - Establish a range.
  • Research - The more you learn, the more likely you are to get exactly what you are looking for.
  • Trends - For major purchases, stay with traditional elegance.
  • Cut - Understand the best proportions for that shape. Buying "spread" sacrifices brilliance.
  • Color - Cognac is for the liquor cabinet. Beautiful diamonds are white.
  • Clarity - "V" is your friend. Set your minimum clarity at VSx.
  • Carat Weight - Size matters, but not as much as quality. A .49 cat gem will cost less per carat than a .51
  • Buy the best quality gem you can afford.
  • Pick the right setting
  • Get a certificate; GIA or AGL.
  • If possible, have a serial number lasered into your gem
  • Deal with a trusted source.

Buying Precious Colored Gems

  • Decide on the gem ... changing your mind is okay too.
  • Color. Whaddaya mean there's no such color as pink?
  • Brilliance. Look deeply and the gem will reveal it's characteristics. Study the details, they are important.
  • Cut - Jungle cut gemstones sacrifice beauty in favor of weight and spread.
  • Durability - Diamonds are 10's but colored gems vary from 9 and below on the Mohs hardness scale. Some gems are hard, others are "tough". Hardness resists scratching. Toughness resists breaking. Consider precious gems of 8 or higher
  • Clarity - different families of colored gems tend to be more or less included. But fewer inclusions reveal a gem's beauty.