Some Tips for Cleaning Your Jewelry

While ultrasonic cleaners may be the fastest method for cleaning jewelry, they can also be the quickest way to damage your gemstone. A responsible jeweler will carefully inspect a gemstone before s/he subjects to ultrasonic cleaning. He will be looking for microscopic or obvious fractures.

One advantage of ultrasonic cleaning is the solution used. These expensive "secret formula" products may be little more that common ammonia. Sudsy ammonia solutions are sold as common cleaning products. In the US they are sold under trade names such as "409" and "Fantastic".

Off-the-shelf products will normally work just as well as the secret formula solutions.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

  • Let it soak overnight
  • Warming the solution speeds the process
  • Brush off any grime with an old toothbrush
  • Rinse well

Cautions: Never put a heat sensitive gem in a hot solution. As one example, an opal might fracture.

Don't clean pearls or other porous gems with a chemical solution.

Silver Polish

  • Use a non-metallic container
  • Line the bottom with aluminum foil
  • Fill with hot water
  • Add a handful of washing soda
  • Place your silver items in the container so they are in contact with the aluminum foil

The tarnish will fade in a few minutes.

Remove your silver from the solution and, using a soft towel, buff them dry.


  • If you let them air dry they will not have the required luster
  • Use with silver plated or solid silver
  • The method works well with most items, but not all

While we have made every effort to convey accurate and safe information, we assume no responsibility for any damage to your possessions. If you have any doubts whatsoever about the safety of cleaning any jewelry item, a professional jeweler should be consulted.