Importance and Quality of a Gem Setting

Prong setting

Once you have found your diamond, you need to consider how best to show the stone. The function of a setting.

  • Show the diamond or gemstone to maximum beauty. A Tiffany style mounting allows light to reach the pavilion of a gem. In well cut diamonds, light reaching the pavilion will be refracted into the gem and eventually reflected out through the crown.
  • Secure the gem or diamond against loss or damage. Bezel setting is probably the most protection a stone can have, especially if the surface of the gem is below the surface of the bezel or metal.
  • Function as user friendly on a day to day basis. It shouldn't irritate your hand nor snag too easily.
  • You need to understand the Types of jewelry settings

Factors of Good Jewelry Settings

Showing Your Gemstone

  • A properly proportioned diamond or gemstone will not only return all light entering from the crown and table, it will return all light entering the pavilion.
  • So settings that elevate the diamond and allow light to strike the pavilion will make the gemstone look brighter.
  • A diamond that is not squarely set will look bad. Demand a reset. Better yet, deal with quality professionals.

Gemstone Safety & Security

  • Losing your diamond because of a cheap setting doesn't make good economic sense .. does it?
  • Lightweight jewelery can make your diamond appears larger. That means the setting needs to be well designed and well made to be strong and durable.

Look Carefully at Your Gemstone's Setting

  • Any burrs or sharp edges will snag on clothing
  • Pockmarks or pits in the setting signals poor casting
  • Tip: Really well made jewelry will be finished on the back side.

    If the setting is gold, what alloy? Does it have a karatage mark? Is the company trademark stamped next to it? These are often hard things to determine. Deal with quality sellers.

When buying a gift, let the recipient pick out the style. Give that perfect gemstone separately .. let that lucky someone design their own setting.