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Imperial Jade and Gold Ring

I never should have started a blog. Mainly because (later), so this section will be used differently and better, hopefully.

Opinions are probably more important in the gem and jewelry business than most industries. And other folks out there are certainly better and more creative than I am. So others of you may wish to participate.

A Case for Synthetic Diamonds & Gemstones

If you have read very much of this site, you will be well aware of the disdain I have for synthetic diamonds and colored gemstones. But as time marches on and world politics get ever more bizarre, I feel my armor beginning to tarnish. Basically, a case for synthetic diamonds and gemstones.

Local Gem Shows and Lapidary Club Meetings

If your club or organization has an event, let me know. Send all details by email. I don't have a calendar yet, but I will make one. Please, no private commercial stuff.

Brazen Harry Winston Robbery Estimated at € 85 Million

Four armed robbers in dresses and heels almost emptied the Harry Winston store on Avenue Montaignein in Paris.

They got away waving guns as pedestrians walked outside the store. Harry Winston robbery