Gemstones.de Virtual community of coloured gemstones lovers, by Constantin Wild
Palagems.com Fine jewelry, mineral specimens and gift items
Field Gemology.org Perhaps the finest blog online. If you don't want to chase colored gemstones after reading this blog, perhaps you should take up knitting.
Gem Depot Direct importers of fine gemstones and jewelry
Aussie Opals Direct Opals and opal jewelry. Huge range of opals and opal jewellery at mine-direct prices.
About Gemstones All about gemstones and birthstones.
Facet Rough Gemstones Facet rough gemstones, cab rough, natural faceted, cut gems, cabochons
Precision Cut Genuine Gemstones Precision machine cut genuine gemstones, advanced automated cutting technology
Verzazio Wholesale high end Tanzanites, emeralds, rubies, rough
LooseFacetedGems.com Custom faceted gemstones; American cut faceted gems
V-Rock Shop Import, wholesale gemstones, rock and mineral products
Hans-Dieter Haag Loose coloured stones, fancy shapes, calibrated
Sapphire Untreated Yogo sapphires; not color or clarity enhanced; guaranteed to be of natural origin
Morion Company World market widest selection of rough minerals and cut stones. CZ, flame fusion corundum & spinel, colored quartz


Lapidary Art Amy O'Connell's jewelry and lapidary work.
Find Mother's Rings Mother's ring; a setting for each child

Gemstone Information

Lapidary Journal  Excellent and extensive site with pages of links from mineralogy to general science.
Richard Hughes Author of the fine work Ruby and Sapphire, ISBN 0-9645097-6-8.   Excellently written commentary in Hughes unique style. Informative and great links.
Mineral Collector.com Kai Helge Anderson's site about Norwegian mineral collecting
TAK's Mineral Photo Gallery TAK N.'s site with great photos of the top-notch minerals in his collection
Original Sixteen to One Mine Tour an actual gold mine in Alleghany, CA
The Minerals WebZine Great 'zine available in French and English versions.
Famous Diamonds Some interesting information on famous diamonds
Treasure Mountain Diamond Mine Dig for Herkimer Diamonds at Treasure Mountain
Nature's Emporium Stone rock bookends, eggs balls, spheres, jewelry, tumbled stones

Lapidary & Mineral

Bob's Rock Shop  "Proudly serving 40,000 rockhounds per month."
Lapidary Journal  Excellent and extensive site with pages of links from mineralogy to general science.
Columbia-Willamette Faceter's Guild Nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of faceting gemstones through education
Gram Faceting Specializes in quality gem rough and cut gemstones
UK Facet Cutters Guild
Gearloose Faceting Machine Plans
Jarvi Tool Company Facetron Faceting Machines
Poly-Metric Instruments Poly-Metric Faceting Machines
Ultratec-facet.com Ultra Tec factory website


Smithsonian Department of Mineral Sciences - dedicated to the study of minerals, gems, rocks, volcanoes, and meteorites: their origin and evolution
James Madison University Mineral Museum - a collection of mineral specimens from around the world, including an extensive micro-mount collection. Site features numerous high-quality photos.
Oxford, England University Museum of Natural History - the University's scientific collections of zoological, entomological, palaeontological and mineral specimens
Houston Museum of Natural Science - mineral exhibits and lots more
Natural History Museum - LA county Nice site about nature and resources
Mineralienkabinett (deutsch)/Mineral Gallery (english) Pictures of common minerals according to the classification of STRUNZ. Universitat Bremen.
The Clausthal Mineral Collection Technische Universitat Clausthal
Mineralogische Staatssammlung Munchen Museum Reich der Kristalle Mineralien, Kristalle, Edelsteine, Meteoriten, Dauerausstellung und Sonderausstellungen
Diamond Museum situated in the heart of the Antwerp diamond quarter (Belgium)
Museo Mineralogia e Litologia di Firenze Mineralogical Museum of the University of Florence
Teylers Museum Haarlem, The Netherlands mineralogical collection from the 18th century in the oval room
American Museum of Natural History The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the American Museum of Natural History curates the museum's world renowned collections of minerals and gems, meteorites, ores, rocks, and xenoliths. Staff members conduct research that explores the nature of terrestrial and planetary processes.
Peabody Museum of Natural History Yale University.
Museum of Victoria, Melbourne Mineralogy and Petrology Section


Scottish Gemmological Society
European Gemological Laboratory
Gemological Institute of America
American Gem Society
University of Texas Gemology Program
International Coloured Gemstone Assoc.
International Gem Society
Laboratorios GEM, Lisbon

Gemstones & Jewelry Publications

American Mineralogist - The journal of the Mineralogical Society of America
Australian Journal of Mineralogy
Bocamina - a journal edited by the Grupo Mineralogista de Madrid (in Spanish)
Canadian Rockhound - Canada's first online magazine for rockhounds. This magazine is published four times a year and contains interesting articles on Canadian minerals, gems, geology and rockhounding adventures.
Lapidary Journal - magazine dedicated to gems, jewelry arts, beads, minerals and more.
Mineral News - a monthly newsletter for mineral collectors, containing news and information on minerals and mineral localities with locality descriptions and emphasizing news of new discoveries and other information.
Mineralogical Record - the world's foremost publication for mineral collectors
Mineraux et fossiles - French mineralogical magazine
Le Regne Mineral - another French mineralogical magazine
Oryktologika Nea - News on Minerals - bilingual (Hellenic-English) Mineralogical Newsletter
Rocks and Minerals - America's oldest popular magazine about minerals
Schweizer Strahler - Swiss journal for mineral collectors
On-line Earth Science Journals - a comprehensive listing of journals
Mineralogy and Petrology Research on the Web - many links to mineralogy/petrology journals

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